Search Engine Listing and Information

A short list of search engine information

bulletAmfibi - General search engine with an uncluttered interface in a choice of Catalan, English, French, and Spanish. Also has a web directory using the Open Directory.
bulletAsk Jeeves - Uses the Teoma database to offer search for web sites, news, weather reports, pictures, stocks, people or products.
bulletCreative Commons Search - Powered by Nutch, it searches content which can be re-used (for somes uses) without having to pay or ask permission.
bulletEntireweb - The English-language version of a Swedish search engine with a clean interface and large database.
bulletGigablast - A search engine with a clean interface, advanced search options including sorting by date, and a real time url submission feature. Includes PDF documents in its index.
bulletInfosniff - A simple search engine from Cybersoft Infotek with advertising.
bulletMojeek - Search engine with a simple interface and no advertising.
bulletMozdex - Nutch based engine explains search result relevancy.
bulletObjects Search - An uncluttered interface offers options to search the web, news and blogs, includes cached pages and 'anchors', which are titles and descriptions from the Open Directory.
bulletPipeline - A clustering engine with a streamlined interface, which presents all results in one column and clusters by topic in another.
bulletScrub The Web - Search engine with sponsored links at the top of results. Also offering a meta tag builder and analyzer.
bulletSearchHippo - Indexes the sites listed in the major Internet directories. Offers free web services, including a search toolbar, and code for webmasters to provide search boxes on their sites.
bulletTeoma - Ranks sites partly by subject-specific popularity. Clusters results into subject groups, and lists related link collections by experts and enthusiasts where appropriate.
bulletWiseNut - Owned by Looksmart. Search results are clustered into categories. Preferences settings include search by language and a filter to remove adult content.
bulletWotbox - Search engine with country specific searching. Options to display country flags, and include preview and translation features. Sponsored links appear in panels separate from the main results.
bullet NPR : The Search Engine Wars - In a five-part series, NPR's Rick Karr takes a look at the business of search engines. (April, 2004)
bulletSearch Engines and Editorial Integrity - Article from the USC Online Journalism Review examines the issue of major search engines adopting deceptive, misleading advertising practices at the expense of editorial integrity and their users. (April 2, 2002)
bullet Commercial Alert Files Complaint Against Search Engines for Deceptive Ads - A complaint filed with the United States Federal Trade Commission by Ralph Nader's Commercial Alert service, which charges the major search engines of inserting advertisements in search engine results without clear disclosure that the ads are ads. (July 16, 2001)
bulletThe Evolution of Web Searching - David Green's paper from Online Information Review explores the development of search engine technologies. (March, 2000)

Helpful information on pay per click advertisement:

bulletAaddzz - A performance based advertising network. Features include pay per click, banner targeting and real time reporting.
bulletAdviva - Online advertising solutions for both web hosts and advertisers, based on the cost per click model for the UK market.
bulletBClick - Banner advertising network where the advertisers pay on a per click basis instead of cost per impressions.
bulletBidClix - Delivers qualified visitors from a network of websites and email newsletters using a simple bid-for-placement system.
bulletBidVertiser - Pay per click affiliate program.
bulletClicksor - An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service on CPC/PPC basis.
bulletDirect Clicks - Offers a do-it-yourself cost per click advertising network. Track referral and affiliate programs, pay per leads, CPA and CPM campaigns.
bulletEspotting Media - European pay-per-click advertising network.
bulletEtineria - Seller of theme based portal advertising.
bulletGoogle AdSense - Offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers Delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to site content pages.
bulletGoogle Adwords - PPC program where webmasters can create their own ads and choose keywords.
bulletLookSmart Looklistings - Purchase website traffic with cost per click advertising.

Search Engine Listing and Information