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Google Adsense can make money for you!

Where do banner and text ads come from on the internet?  Who gets paid for them and how do they work?  The best ad program for most webmasters is Google Adsense.  This allows you to make money in two ways. 

The first is through the Google search bar.  This bar, like the one above allows people browsing your site to search Google for anything or any word they like.  If the customers uses the search bar and clicks on certain links when they get to the Google search site, you are paid income to your Adsense account.

The second means are through Google ads.  These ads are generated by Google as part of there pay per click program.  Customers pay to have there ads displayed on the Google network of ads.  As these are displayed and web surfers click on them, the money charged to the advertiser is divided to the website owners.  These ads are both text and image ads, depending upon what type of ad you chose to display on your site.

So how do you get started?  First you must set up and account with Google at  Here you must enter your personal information through a secure network.  You must have a SS number or Federal Tax ID.  Your account will be put on hold until it has been verified.  Then you cut and paste the html text from the set up site into your website.  Soon your website will start displaying ads.  It is that simple!

You can control the color of the ads, the size, the type of ad such as image or text, and you can even lock out certain advertisers from your site if you so chose!  It is easy for anyone with a basic understanding of web design.

You only need one account and you can use the code on as many sites as you need!  You can even track the result by site using the channels function in Google Adsense.

How much money will you make?  It all depends on what type of site your hosting and how much traffic it receives.  You won't know until you try it so try it today!

Bob Williams is an internet consultant from Woodstock Web Design.

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