Why the web?





Why have a web site for your business?

  1. Your business can be open 24 hours per day.

    One of the first things a new comer to the web business will notice is the large number of people who will use your web site during times when your regular business is closed.  Many people working late shifts or just browsing the web at night will search for goods and services on the internet first.  There are increasing number of individuals who use the web and they are accustomed to being served on there own time.  If you are open during traditional business hours only, for instance 8 to 5, you are capturing only 1/3 of the opportunity to promote your business.  A web site never gets tired, quits, or cost more or less to operate because of overtime.  Yet your customers can have access to information on your products and be placing orders 24/7.

  2. Gain thousands of new customers.

    One of the amazing things about a web site is the large number of customers coming to you from the web.  As a new business owner I put my first web site before the business became operational.  I was deluged with request and orders immediately.  You can reach people to whom the internet is the sole means of finding goods and services.  There is an increasing number of individuals who NEVER use a paper copy of they yellow pages.  It is estimated that 50% of the population use on line yellow pages to find business.  If you have a web site with a strong search engine ranking and high yellow page visibility, your business is going to reap a large influx of customers.

  3. Lower you staffing cost.

    A high quality web site will enable you to list and display thousands of products and services with a minimum of cost.  The same type store display would cost thousands in rent, staffing, security, and only be open to those people who can physically reach your store.  Contrast that with a well designed, low cost web page that displays hundreds of items, yet cost only a few dollars per day.

  4. Display your self as a well established company

    For many small, high quality business owners, competing with large multinational corporations has been difficult.  However the internet is the single greatest leveling agent ever invented.  If you have a good product or service, your web site can look just as professional and any large company.   You can project and established professional image to everyone and tell the world that you are a high quality, established business.

  5. Showcase your work

    Does your business depend on quality?  Do you have a product that must be seen to sell well?  There is no better place than the internet to place your work if you are a custom home builder, a realtor, a salon operator, or any professional that needs to display your work to attract new customers.

  6. The cost of promotion are low.

    For a business that is locally based and needs customers in a specific geographical territory such as a town, county,  metro area, or state, the internet has become a beacon of business promotion.  Pay per click advertisement and sophisticated search engine marketing can localize your advertisement to reach only people wanting to purchase a service in YOUR area.  Therefore you only pay to advertise to customers searching for your type of business in the territory your cover.

Simply put, a web site is the single most important promotional and advertisement tool available the small business owner today!  If you wait to put up your web site you are forfeiting business to your competitors and loosing valuable customers!  Call us today for a high quality web site that will bring customer to you immediately.

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Why have a web site for your business?