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Keywords Advice

How does Meta Keyword Advice help your business?  For instance how can your find a way to get your site noticed?  The majority of internet traffic is directed by the major search engines.  Many business have web sites but only a few actually rank well with the major search engines.  To achieve good results you need for your site to be on the first page of the search engine results for the  words people will typically use to find you.  For instance if your business is roofing.  What web sites will be displayed if you type in "roofing Atlanta"?   To be effective you must first find the keywords your customers would use to find your business. 

After finding the right words we place these keywords in your meta tag descriptions in strategic locations of the header of your website.  This allows us to optimize individual pages to bring traffic to that part of your web site.  As time goes on we consult with you and offer advice on how to continue to improve your search engine rank.

One way to find the right keyword is to go to the search engines themselves.  For instance if you use the Google ad words tools to find a list of words related to web site design, the words below are what becomes available.  Granted you would not use this many for page but as you can see, the opportunity for finding keyword or keywords is tremendous.  Woodstock web design will work with you in Meta Keyword Advice to find the right key words for your individual business.  Then  we can use these key words to optimize your web site and your pay per click advertisement.

What if someone else is already using the key words you want to use?  In some cases you may want to use other similar words.  For instance, many people may misspell a word.  This can be used to your advantage by including a common misspelled word in your key words.  You can use this for both search engine traffic and for your ad word advertisement using pay per click.  There are infinite combinations of words to use and since the internet is so diverse with a huge population of people looking for products to buy, you only need to capture a small percentage of those people to be very successful!

What about using geography?  For instance you may tailor your keywords to your location or county.  You may use the keywords associated with your county, city, or state.  Then you may also want to limit your "pay per click" ads to a certain geography.  You may tailor your ads to a 25, 50, 100, or 200 mile radius to your business.  You may want to tailor your ads to only your city or perhaps your state.  Whatever your business is able to service, you can find a pay per click program to tailor your adds to that location.  You can also tailor your key words for search engines to the same location and get more "free" advertisement when the regular search engine results return your site more often than your competitor.  We help design your site to get the maximum exposure on the internet for your business.  We offer you the best possible service in Meta Keywords Advice  to help you get the website promotion you deserve!

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Keyword Advice