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Search Engine Lies

"There are lies, dam lies, and then there are statistics".  Today that may be modified a bit to say SEO companies instead of statistics.  Of all the internet scams this seems to be one of the most common.  Is search engine optimization possible?  First let's talk about what this really means.

Common Search Engine Lies

Search engines are looking to give people what they need and want.  That is simply good, relevant content.  However, with a tremendous amount of commerce being sold over the internet soon someone decided to try to get there pages in front of others.  Since the first search engines were simple word counters, it wasn't hard to fool them.  So started the black hat games of web designers.  Today if you try to fool the search engine about the true nature of your web site it will fail quickly.  However, the basic premise of search engine optimization is sound.  It involves simply designing your page to allow the search engine to easily determine the basic theme of your page.

3 Search Engine Lies that will HURT your web site.

Below are some things that you should NEVER do to help build web traffic.  However, be very careful.  Many so called SEO companies will do these very things.  If so it may hurt your ranks tremendously or worse yet, get you banned from the search engine all together.

Search Engine Lie 1:  Repeating the same words over and over in your page. 

Simply put if your page does not read well it will not help you.  Don't overdo the input of keywords.  Just write good, readable pages using the type words that laypeople would use to find your site.

Search Engine Lie 2:  Using hidden text

No matter how you try to do it, it will NOT work.  Some web designers try to put text into the web page with the same color as the background, or so small that it cannot be seen.  Others try to make a very long page with the text at the bottom so far down below the other parts of the page that it isn't seen.  All of this is is bogus and will get your banned from the search engine!

Search Engine Lie 3:  Stuffing your title with repeated key words

This will get you BANNED from the search engine and cost you any hope you may have had in getting your website noticed.  If you want to know more about how to really promote your website to get real traffic into your business, contact us today!  We can help with ethical SEO techniques.

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Search Engine Lies