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 Web Site Hosting

Our Web Site Hosting program will handle all the details to keep your Website smooth and efficient.  Utilizing the fastest servers with extremely minimal downtime, your website is fast and consistent.  Our package price includes hosting and minor design changes for a low monthly fee.  Your website will NOT be hosted on so called "free hosting" servers.  As with any business venture there is nothing truly free.  These free hosting services will load your page with unwanted banner adds that may very well be promoting your competitor!  We have state of the art computers with super fasting delivery.  Your potential customers can reach you quickly.  It is a proven fact that most internet surfers will not wait on long downloads to see an internet page.  You pages will be designed to download quickly regardless of what speed connection the customer is using.


Search Engine Submission

You need to get your website seen in the right places.  We research you business to help position your website.  Without proper design and selection of key words, good search engine coverage, and fast hosting, your website is little known or used.  However we work for you to help get improved search engine ranking for your business to ensure that people looking for the product or service you offer will find your business first.  This service is standard with out any additional charge for all pages designed by Woodstock Website Design.


Pay Per Click Advertising Program

This is the fastest way to gain new business on the internet.  Set up in the morning and starting booking calls that very afternoon.  This is the single most effective way to get pay for performance from your site.  You can budget as much or as little as your like and many customers spend less than $30.00 per month to start booking business immediately.

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Web Site Hosting