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Pay Per Click

Pay per click programs are the primary means of giving your business instant customer exposure.  With our local programs you can customize your offer to be seen in only the areas you chose.  You can chose your exact service territory and then have only people in those areas to access your offer.  This lowers your cost and targets your offer to only those areas that benefit your business.

Pay per click companies on the internet.

The major pay per click (ppc) programs are offered by three companies on the internet, Yahoo, Google, and Verizon Superpages.  These three companies will reach over 90% of the internet audience.  It is important to focus you resources where it best serves your needs.  We can help you target adds to reach the right people and areas.

Pay per click selection and setup.

We start simply by talking with you and finding the right words to target, the service area your business can cover, and about how much business you are looking to obtain in the beginning.  Once the goals are clarified we begin finding the right words to target and set up your adds on the three major players.  A minimum of two different adds are chosen for each program to help find the right drawing point for your customers.  We use automatic ad optimization to put the adds that do the best to the top but continue to try other adds as well to find what works best.

Your budget is set in advance so you cannot go over the agreed upon target.  The add are billed to your directly through any major credit card.  You get monthly reports on the progress of your adds.  You can adjust you spending target at any time.  The rates range for as little as 20 cents to $5.00 or more depending upon the competition.  However, you can bid whatever you like on a particular word or group of words.

Pay per click program key benefits

bulletCustomized PPC budgeting allows you to chose the amount you with to spend.  Many plans for only $1.00 per day!
bulletTargeted service area.  We work with you to define the areas you wish to serve.
bulletDetailed reporting on both key words accessed and how much each one is costing you.

Pay per click promotion capabilities

bulletWe have access to the major PPC search engines and can manage the entire process for you.
bulletYou can start or stop your adds any time you wish.
bulletCustomized biding allows you to determine your position and what you wish to pay for each customer.
bulletAutomated billing means we send you detailed reports monthly our even weekly with your account balance.

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